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For women and children, we are a bridge from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. Today, hundreds of single-mothers and their children are experiencing or on the verge of homelessness in our city. With 166 beds and 55 rooms, Laura’s Home offers a variety of services intended to prepare women and children for positive, productive futures.


The beginning stage is devoted to introducing women and children to the Laura’s Home program and live-in accommodations.  It is here that staff begins to engage the women through introductory crisis support groups.  Children who come to Laura’s Home with their mothers also receive support through Pathways childcare, tutoring, and mentoring.


Women committed to participating in the full program are assigned case workers and individualized program plans. Onsite childcare is provided by staff so the mothers can fully embrace the program offerings. Laura’s Home staff works closely with each woman to develop feasible steps and goals for accessing resources and future housing. They are provided with clinical counseling and group therapy necessary to combat histories of trauma and mental health. Women are equipped to attain competitive employment through the on-site adult education and job-readiness training. Women are engaged spiritually through local church involvement, support groups, Bible classes and chapel services.


Women who complete the program are prepared to transition into employment and safe, independent housing. This final phase is dedicated to job searching and securing housing options.

Each woman who comes to Laura’s Home is as unique as the circumstances that brought her to us.  The generous support of volunteers, donors, and community partners allows us to provide life transformation for these families that is personal to their particular needs.

New Horizons

In Ohio, a single mother working a minimum wage job — the work most of our guests are eligible for — must work 100 hours each week to afford a basic two-bedroom apartment (read more).  The City Mission wants to address this critical need for affordable housing, so we’ve created the New Horizons Housing Collaborative.  Through this program, we work with external organizations to empower women with children to become homeowners and break the cycle of poverty. If you, your church, or organization is interested in sponsoring or volunteering at a New Horizons home, please visit the New Horizons page for more information and email our COO, Linda Uveges.

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