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Back to School Bash

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The Back to School Bash is an annual event to support the children at Laura’s Home as they prepare to return to school. To supply the needs for each child takes many resources. Please continue joining us by purchasing the items needed on our donations list, adding to the fun by sponsoring part of our party, volunteering to be part of the festivities on August 12 from 5-7pm or making a donation to support this event.

Hosted by: Calvary Hill Missionary Baptist Church

Friday, August 12th 5 -7pm

Donations Needed:

General Items:

• Backpacks
• Pens (Blue, Black & Red)
• #2 Pencils
• Notebooks
• Composition Books
• 8 Count Thick Markers
• 12 Count Colored Pencils
• 24 Count of Crayons
• Student Scissors
• Rulers
• Compasses
• Protractors
• Pencil Box or Case
• Pink Erasers
• Filler Paper
• Single Pocket Folders
• Glue Sticks
• Bottles of Glue
• Pocket Dictionaries
• Three Ringed Binder
• Thick Highlighters
• Dry Erase Markers
• Pencil Cap Erasers
• Boxes of Tissues
• TI83 Calculators
• Headphones for Computer Use
• Medium Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
• Containers of Sanitizing Wipes


Clothing Donations for Kids ages 5 to 17

• New Socks
• New Underwear
• New T-shirts
• $25 Gift Cards
(Walmart, Target, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx)

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(max of 6 people)

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