Exciting Employment Opportunities. Eternal Impact.

The City Mission is a faith-based nonprofit organization serving individuals and single-mother families experiencing various crises and homelessness in Northeastern Ohio. Our days are fast-paced, dynamic and rewarding. If you're looking for a diverse, professional, and loving place to use your unique talents in Cleveland, we hope you'll view our open positions. Before you apply, here's what you should know about us.

We are Faith-Based.

The Bible informs and impacts all we do. Every employee must affirm and live out our Statement of Faith, which includes professing Jesus as Lord and Savior, believing the Bible to be the Word of God, and patterning life after the example of Jesus.

We are Front Lines.

Working at The City Mission means serving in ministry. We hold those we hire to high standards, because we believe that our clients deserve loving care from gifted individuals. When people in crisis come to The City Mission, they need to know they are in the hands of wise and gracious staff.

We are Committed.

The City Mission is composed of a body of believers that come from different backgrounds and possess unique skill sets. We encourage one another. We collaborate with one another. We pray with one another. We push each other toward Christ daily, in the name of sharing His hope to the hurting in Cleveland.

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