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Interning at The City Mission

We’re on the lookout for bright, energetic students and recent grads to fill a wide variety of semester-long internships. Our staff is made up of people from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, and we find that every intern class is too. Some roles are on the front lines of ministering to men, women and children experiencing crisis. Some are administrative or community engagement focused. But every role is vital to advancing the God's Kingdom in Cleveland. We give interns serious responsibilities and challenge them to leave a lasting impact on this city. If you choose to apply and intern with us, don’t plan on a semester of making coffee, organizing or filing—we’ve got big plans for you!

Why should I intern at the Mission?

Our internship program is uniquely designed to maximize not just your work experience, but your personal growth too!  During your time at The City Mission, you'll acquire practical, hands-on work experience, be discipled by staff, and build unforgettable relationships.  Each internship is designed to benefit both the student and the Mission in the most meaningful ways possible. If you desire an internship in a ministry setting that offers challenging and inspiring opportunities, The City Mission might be the place for you. And don't just take it from us - be sure to watch one of our many internship experience videos on this page and our Vimeo channel. Many positions are open for now, so keep scrolling to find what matches your unique skills and interests! We offer many different positions, so keep scrolling to find one that matches your individual interests and can enhance your skills.

Internship Opportunities

Adult Education & Development: Laura's Home or Crossroads

Learn about this role through watching Miriam’s experience!

Current Semesters Available: Fall, Spring

Interns will assist with offering male or female clients tools needed to enrich their lives, address the underlying cause of their crisis and reorient the client to a stable and sustainable lifestyle. Interns will utilize a curriculum emphasizing employment readiness, basic computer familiarity, workplace etiquette and basic financial management.

  • Develop vocational goals that fit clients’ aptitudes, education levels and physical abilities
  • Monitor and record clients’ progress through the curriculum to ensure that objectives are met
  • Identify barriers to client employment, including inaccessible work sites, transportation problems, childcare needs, etc.
  • Work with clients to develop strategies to overcome barriers
  • Develop, refine, implement and facilitate a basic computer class
  • Conduct mock-interviews with individual clients, and provide supplementary material and handouts for their individual practice and study
  • Develop and facilitate “Dress For Success” workshops
  • Creative Experience—Create and test a project or program that has direct bearing on your major or area of interest

Case Management Assistant: Laura's Home or Crossroads

Learn about this role through watching John’s experience!

Current Semesters Available: Summer, Fall

Interns will assist with determining clients’ eligibility for a variety of social services and/or assist with providing other services related to crisis intervention and short-term case management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assists with determining clients’ eligibility for a variety of social services and/or assists with providing other services related to crisis intervention and short-term case management.
  • Meet with each client upon arrival and assist clients with completing the intake assessment questionnaire
  • Meet with Phase 1 clients within the first week of intake to see whether or not they are interested in the Program; give each client a brief overview of the program
  • Communicate a brief overview of the daily schedule and rules to each new client
  • Assist in leading various classes and/or support groups when necessary.
  • Assists the Case Workers in identifying client needs and communicating resources
  • Reviews client progress
  • Meets directly with clients by appointment in addition to clients seeking resources during open office hours, and refer clients to various resource directories
  • Perform data entry and assist in tracking client progress towards fulfillment of the program requirements
  • Assist Case Workers in communicating and following-up with the clients to monitor progress on a particular issue, or to confirm clients have connected with necessary resources
  • Assist in coordinating special client events and activities, such as client outings, internal holidays and events, and monthly recognition for those who have completed the program
  • Special project assignments as needed
  • Understand and enforce policies and procedures to maintain discipline and ensure safety

Development Assistant
Learn about this role through watching Travis' experience!
To view a previous intern's experience in this position click here!
Current Semesters Available: Fall, Spring
Interns will directly assist the Chief Development Officer with hands-on tasks related to engaging external partners. Responsibilities include:
Marketing and Communications
  • Maintaining existing relationships with contacts in local media (radio/television/print) and developing new relationships.
  • Writing/producing at least one e-newsletter to local media during internship period
  • Assisting with media relationships for all Mission special events during internship period and making preparations with media for events that will occur after term of internship
  • Becoming familiar with City Mission history, programs and services and conducting external presentations to interested audiences (mission fairs at churches; schools; workplace presentations; Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.; others as appropriate)
  • Assisting Development staff with donor acknowledgements, donor database management, and research/preparation of funding proposals to foundations.
  • Developing promotional materials for mailings, special events, etc.
Special Events
  • Assist in managing all media relations for City Mission special events.
  • Being involved in aspects of City Mission fundraising and friend-raising special events: planning, execution and post-event wrap-up
  • Having direct contact with event sponsors, participants, volunteers and the media
  • Being responsible for event logistics in collaboration with other Development Department employees, volunteers and external partners
Donor Relations
  • Maintaining relationships with Hope Partners
  • Assist with online fundraising initiative
  • Heighten presence in social media avenues
  • Perform concentrated research on younger generation donors
  • Developing and strengthening church relationships with donors
Early Childhood Development Assistant

Learn about this role through watching Sara’s experience!

Current Semesters Available: Spring, Summer, Fall

Intern will assist with the development and implementation of structured, age-appropriate curriculum for at-risk child clients, with and without special needs.

    • Understand and enforce policies and procedures to maintain discipline and ensure safety
    • Provide support in maintaining integrity of operating practices, recordkeeping, report writing and attendance systems and data control
    • Organize, lead and supervise recreational activities, such as arts, music, crafts, sports, games and field trips
    • Assist in planning, organizing and facilitating related special events
    • Communicate child’s progress to fellow staff and parents
    • Train and monitor volunteers
    • Ensuring the safety and security of all children at all times
    • Enforcing rules for behavior and procedures to maintain order and structure
    • Organizing and leading innovative activities to promote physical, mental and social development
    • Teaching social skills, personal hygiene, and basic skills such as number, letter, color and shape recognition
    • Observing and evaluating child’s performance, behavior, social development and physical health; work with the mothers and case workers to report their children’s progress and determine priorities for their children and needs

Finance Associate

Current Semesters Available: Summer, Fall, Spring

Primary intent of the financial internship is to provide a hands-on, comprehensive overview of the Accounting/Finance department. The intern will participate in all on-going department functions and be responsible for various special projects under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer or Controller.

Essential Job Functions

  • Maintain General Ledger by executing all transactions relevant to the accounting cycle (journal entries, reconciliations, monthly close).
  • Perform monthly account reconciliations.
  • Produce departmental expense to budget reports and perform variance analysis.
  • Receive hands-on overview of Data Processing ministry and become proficient with donor database.
  • Assist in financial reporting
  • Assist in budgeting process
  • Develop and maintain policy and procedures manual for Finance


  • Concise biblical testimony of a personal experience of receiving by faith the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.
  • Maintain an exemplary Christian life.
  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting or Finance and has completed accounting coursework through Intermediate Accounting.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office software, especially Excel.
  • Working knowledge of a proprietary accounting or database software a plus but not required.
  • Strong technology aptitude; ability to understand and utilize software and networks.

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New Media Assistant

Learn about this role through watching Elaina’s experience!

Current Semesters Available: Summer, Fall

Communicate new and effective stories and information that support the mission and core values of TCM, using various mediums which may include two or more of the following: web site management, social media marketing, photography/videography, photo and video editing, and digital media development.

    • Social Media—Maintain an active two-way communication online
      • Maintain consistent and timely posts on existing social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Four Square, Blog)
      • Evaluate, develop and promote a strong presence on new platforms (i.e. Pinterest, Google+, Hootsuite, etc.)
      • Engage in daily interaction with social media contacts
      • Strategically network online with key voices in the community
      • Planning and operating communication campaigns on social media
    • Web Site—Ensure an exceptional user experience for site visitors
      • Make necessary changes to web content
      • Proactively keep site content relevant and up-to-date
      • Measure site effectiveness with Google Analytics
      • Optimizing media content for web use
      • Develop new ideas for driving beneficial traffic to our site
    • Audio/Visual Media—Improve the quality and quantity of our useful media
      • Generate high quality photo/video/audio content for a variety of uses
      • Store and manage media content for quick and effective use
      • Provide photo and video coverage of special events
      • Coordinate specific key photo/video shoots
      • Editing photos for digital and print media use
      • Conducting video and audio interviews with staff, clients and volunteers
    • Digital Media Development—Expanding the reach and usefulness of existing content in new digital forms
      • Creating and distributing content in iBook and other e-book formats
      • Developing digital display and interactive promotional material
      • Creating effective video content
      • Oversee the production of a variety of possible print or digital projects, collaborating with others
      • Provide basic graphic design solutions when needed
    • Creative Project—Early in the term, interns will begin to work on a large, creative project of their choosing. Any good idea is an option, but examples include:
      • A large-scale social media campaign or viral event
      • Creating a virtual tour of our programs
      • Creating a “season” of an original podcast/vlog program

Volunteer Recruitment Specialist

Learn about this role through watching Tori’s experience!

Current Semesters Available: Spring, Summer, Fall

Interns will be trained and deployed to effectively assist in the management of a Volunteer department with nearly 2000 volunteers. Through this internship, a motivated college student can get a taste of non-profit administration and leadership, while learning the ins and outs of an effectively run volunteer ministry. They will learn how to recruit, interview and place unpaid workers while also learning about how The City Mission operates.

  • Recruitment, by conducting Volunteer Connection Meetings
  • Screening, interviewing and deploying of volunteers
  • Supervising volunteer groups and individuals
  • Event planning
  • Volunteer records management and scheduling through the usage of the Volgistics database
  • Volunteer newsletter composition and distribution
  • Volunteer feedback and follow-up through survey distribution

Youth Caseworker Assistant

Current Semesters Available: Fall, Spring

Will assist with the work of development of the children at Laura’s Home, with focuses on daily functioning of childcare/youth programming, monthly assessments of the children, and special projects.

Essential Job Functions

    • Meet with each mother upon intake to determine needed services and resources for her children
    • Maintain contact with mother to follow the progress of each child and reassess as needed
    • Build quality, caring relationships with children and families to enhance the overall effectiveness of programming
    • Assist in the work of childcare and youth programming as needed; supervising recreational activities, planning special events, enforcing rules, developing relationships, leading activities, and ensuring safety
    • Observe and evaluate children’s performance, behavior, and development in interactions with children
    • Administer education-based assessments monthly to children in preschool room
    • Administer reading-based and social emotional learning-based assessments monthly in youth programming (grades K-12)
    • Perform data entry to record and compile data from childcare and youth programming for the monthly statistical report
    • Assist the Family Ministries Coordinator in identifying client needs and communicating resources
    • Attend and engage in various classes such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which teaches clients new skills to manage painful emotions and decrease conflict in relationships
    • Understand and enforce policies and procedures to maintain discipline and ensure safety
    • Assist in the development of the mentorship program for Pathways students
    • Special project assignments as needed

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Youth Programming Assistant

Learn about this role through watching Sara’s experience!

Current Semester Available: Fall

Intern will support, minister to and serve youth and families in a Christian environment conducive to transformation.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Understand and enforce policies and procedures to maintain discipline and ensure safety
  • Build quality, caring relationships with the youth and families in order to enhance overall effectiveness of Pathways programming
  • Provide support in maintaining integrity of operating practices, recordkeeping, report writing and attendance systems and data control
  • Assist in serving snacks and meals
  • Organize, lead and supervise recreational activities, such as arts, music, crafts, sports, games and field trips
  • Prepare and assist or lead discussion topics and/or lesson plans for youth participants, geared towards growing in a relationship and understanding of God through the Bible
  • Develop teaching, training and other classroom material while also utilizing creative media for classroom and instructional usage
  • Assist in planning, organizing and facilitating special events
  • Provide instruction, either one-on-one or in groups, to children in order to improve academic performance and computer skills
  • Communicate student progress to fellow staff and parents
  • Train and monitor volunteers

More Questions?

What are the basic qualifications for all interns?

All interns/employees must affirm our Statement of Faith, including:

Professing Jesus as Lord and Savior

Believing the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, & ultimate authoritative Word of God (II Timothy 3:16; II Peter 1:21)

Patterning life after the example of Jesus and the commands and principles found in the Bible

Desiring to serve the Lord in the ministry of rescue

Please note: All qualified applicants must be at least 18 years old and have some college experience.

How long are the internships?

We offer semester-long internships over spring, summer, and fall terms. All of which can be used for school credit or to advance your workplace experience. Dates typically follow a school calendar, and will be posted here as available.

Fall 2021 – August 30 to December 17

What are the hours of internship positions?

Internship positions are usually full time with a scheduled 40 hours per week under our normal business hours of 8:30am -  4:30pm with minor variances. We also work with in-semester students who need part-time internships for credit. If you have a special circumstance or classes that require you work less than 40 hours per week, simply note the need for accommodations on your internship application.

Are internships paid?

Yes! Our interns are highly valued, and we provide a bi-weekly stipend for our interns.  We also try to accommodate food and transportation needs for those who are not from the Cleveland area.

What is the provided housing like?

We partner with a collaborative agency, Nehemiah Mission, for intern housing.  Watch this video to learn more about it.


Further Questions?  Email, or call Emily Van Vranken, Volunteer Services Coordinator at (216) 431-3510, ext. 237.

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