On Her Own for the First Time

Tessha came to the Mission after years of drug use. Bouncing back and forth between jail and homelessness, Tessha met someone in the Inmate Outreach Services program who encouraged her to come to Laura’s Home.

Tessha initially planned to stay for just a few weeks, but when a staff member encouraged her to enter the long-term program, she agreed to give it a try. Quickly, Tessha discovered that she had a lot to learn.

Though she is a mother and grandmother, Tessha had never really lived on her own before: she was used to sleeping on friend’s couches or living with boyfriends. She had no idea of how to care for a house or pay bills, but through the classes at Laura’s Home, she began to develop these critical skills.

“When they say this program is a transformation, it is a transformation,” Tessha laughs. “My behavior, my thinking, my actions, everything just completely changed. I was just so hungry to do something right for a change, and finally I had a real breakthrough.”

A Life Training Camp

Tessha is still working through the program, but is now employed and looking forward and finding her own home. In the meantime, she’s learning all she can at Laura’s Home.

“When I think of Laura’s Home, I think of grace, truth and new beginnings. This place is like a life training camp! Everything here is a transferable skill: the way you run your home, communicate with people, and learn to make wise decisions… Laura’s Home teaches you how to move forward.”

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