Tauri’s Story

A Home for the Holiday

In December of 2014, Tauri’s world was at a breaking point. She was depressed and desperate to end the relationship she’d been in for more than five years, but with the holidays approaching, she didn’t know where to turn.

Though she knew that leaving her children’s father would leave her homeless, she made the difficult decision to remove her kids from what had become a toxic environment.

They moved into Laura’s Home just before Christmas, and Tauri quickly fit in to her new environment. What unfolded over the next year and a half is an amazing story of grace, hope and new life.

Watch her story here. See how Laura’s Home gave Tauri the skills she needed to lead her family into a brand new future, and hear how the Lord blessed her with a home for the holidays — and every day after through the New Horizons program!

This Christmas, hundreds of people like Tauri will reach out to The City Mission for help. To hear more about the life-changing work of the Mission, follow the link below, and join us in prayerfully supporting our guests throughout the holiday season.