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Associate Board

Leading Hope for a New Day in Cleveland

At The City Mission, compassionately restoring our neighbors in crisis is what we do. We are advocates and champions of individuals and families in our city who are in need of help and hope. And for the first time, we are creating a unique opportunity for leaders like you to get involved. Join The City Mission Associate Board, and come empower these men, women, and children with us.

Now accepting applications for passionate associate board members. Meetings take place the second Wednesday of every month from 7:30-8:30am.


The purpose of the Associate Board will be to support the initiatives of The City Mission and the Board of Directors by actively developing new sources of support, increasing public awareness of TCM and its mission, and serving TCM through volunteering opportunities. The goal is to cultivate, inspire, and empower a new generation of philanthropic leaders and champions of The City Mission.

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The Associate Board will be comprised of Cleveland’s emerging civic and business leaders who come from different backgrounds and industries, but share a sense of purpose and belief in the vision and core values. The board will embrace a comprehensive strategy of community outreach through awareness, education, and fundraising activities. The main focus of the Board will be the annual event, Running with a Mission. The Associate Board will also serve as a resource for the cultivation and development of future community leaders and Board of Director members. As ambassadors of TCM, they will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways including fundraising, public relations, outreach, and recruitment.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Participate in meetings on the second Wednesday of every month from 7:30-8:30am
  • Understand and educate their circles of influence about TCM mission, vision, and core values as well as programming and services
  • Introduce their peers and professional network to The City Mission
  • Serve as a Team Captain for peer-to-peer fundraising for Running with a Mission
  • Participate in one or more unique volunteer opportunities
  • Create connections between TCM and their local church community
  • Please be aware of and understand The City Mission’s Statement of Faith before pursuing application.

Ready to Start the Conversation?

If you’re interested in applying, we’d love to meet up and get to know you. Send us an email and we’ll find a time to grab coffee.

Our Current Associate Board

Erica Moran

Senior Marketing Programs Specialist, Cohen & Company

Dylan Aponte - Recruitment Co-Chair

Founder & CEO, Bad Dream Tea

Aaron Austermiller - Associate Board Chair
Lead Software Engineer, Felux
Kathryn Bader - Running with a Mission Chair
Professional Resources Director, The Siegfriend Group
Rachel Lyons

Attorney, Wegman Hessler

Meg Chochola
Director of Advancement Operations, Magnificat High School
Ben Cook - Associate Board Co-Chair
Staff Accountant, Skoda Minotti
Jamie Dasher
Employee Benefit Consultant, Arthur J. Gallagher
Jeremy Lambert
Executive Director, Chaplain Partnership
Jordyn Paratore - Recruitment Co-Chair
Client Concierge, Liner Legal, LLC
Ashley A. Sanchez
Immigration Staff Attorney, Catholic Charities
Matthew Gottshall

Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services – Balanced Wealth Group

Hannah Uveges
Branch Controls Manager, Equitable Advisors
Every contribution makes an impact

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The City Mission is funded entirely by private donations from people like you.
Will you provide help and hope to people in crisis today?

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