3 Ways You Can Help Families In Need This Summer

Summer isn't a vacation for everyone. With the loss of education and supervision at school, overcrowding in hot homes, and high summer eviction rates, June, July, and August are some of the most dangerous months for low-income families. Here's how you can help moms and kids seeking relief from more than just hot temps at Laura's Home:

1. Donate financially to Laura’s Home, which offers extra support to school-age children while school is out, so that low-income parents are able to work through the summer. While moms focus on furthering their education, recovering from a mental health or addiction crisis, and seeking employment, Laura's Home offers educational and recreational opportunities to their children.

2. Consider the time you might have to volunteer at Laura's Home! With school out, our staff has many more hours of care to fill. We invite your group to bring your skills to our students and little ones - whether that be tutoring, playing games, or teaching youth other practical hands on skills.

3. Keep informed on issues of poverty and homelessness, and then share this knowledge with your circle. Every individual has unique resources and talents to offer, which means your network could be an instrumental part of community transformation. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook or subscribing to our blog for the latest news.


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