Join the Summer Challenge!

Warm weather is here, and many of us are heading outdoors for some of summer’s best activities: cookouts, fishing, Tribe games, and more!

But at The City Mission, our work continues because homelessness does not take a summer vacation.

In fact, this summer, we will:

  • Serve more than 420 meals EACH DAY to the men, women, and children at Crossroads and Laura’s Home.
  • Care for the 59 men and 61 women in our residential recovery programs at a cost of $40 a day per person.
  • Provide activities and compassionate care for the 90 children who are staying at Laura’s Home with their mothers.

Unfortunately, even though the need is still strong, giving tends to drop during the summer months. It costs about $6750 a day to care for everyone staying at the Mission, and we need YOUR help to keep up with the demand for food, shelter, and compassionate care.

Will you help us? Give now! Join the Summer Challenge, and make sure the hurting in Cleveland have access to the life-changing support they need, no matter the season.

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