Become a Running with a Mission Champion!

Love Laura’s Home and want to go beyond just participating in Running with a Mission on June 16th? We invite you to share your passion with your friends and become a Running with a Mission Champion! Fill out the form below, and we’ll create a custom donation page that you can share with your friends (see an example). Funds raised are tax deductible to the donor, and 91% of all gifts go directly to client care. Unlike many other peer-to-peer fundraising pages, you can rest assured that the money raised on your page will be used wisely and efficiently.

What are you waiting for? Every dollar counts for a man, woman and child in need, so get started filling out the form below and we’ll have your page set up within the next 2 business days. Once your personalized page is complete, we’ll send you a link you can share with your community. If you have any further questions or want ideas on how to share your message, email Thanks for being a part of this exciting challenge!

Become a Running with a Mission Champion

    If you haven't registered yet, you can find the link at