At The City Mission, Ron found what he was missing.

Not long ago, Ron was searching for a way out. Defeated after a three decade battle with heroin addiction, he decided to end his life.

“I was about to be evicted,” he tells us, “so I just walked away. I was going to take a bunch of sleeping pills, but once I had them, I couldn’t do it.”

Ron ended up watching a sermon on his phone and was touched by the message that God was bigger than any circumstance he could face. He abandoned his plans, and the next day, he called The City Mission. Ron entered the recovery program at our men’s crisis center and quickly dove into his relationship with the Lord.

Being Transformed

“I’m trying to do it differently this time, so my priority has got to be a strong relationship with God. You know, I came in here with some socks and a handful of papers. I needed everything, but I’ll tell you: you aren’t going to find better care at any facility in Cleveland.

“It’s just overwhelming. God is here. He’s present every day, and He is ready to receive you with open arms. You can go to other places, but for those who want to be transformed, He’s right here.”

Ron came here without clothes, money, or support. Because of our faithful partners, we were able to meet his physical needs. But thanks to our great God, Ron found the thing he truly needed: hope that he could leave the past behind.

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