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Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center

At Laura's Home, Women & Children Find Rest & Restoration

For women and children, we are a bridge from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. With 166 beds and 55 rooms, Laura’s Home offers specialized, wraparound services designed to empower families and individuals to live healthy lives. Until responses to COVID-19 went into effect, such as a moratorium on evictions and additional temporary housing options, every room in Laura’s Home had been full with a waiting list for more than 5 years. As these temporary measures come to an end, we are anticipating an even greater need for our services to women and children.  It is our hope to offer life-changing, meaningful solutions to the women and children of Cleveland who need lasting change. And not simply for them, but for generations to come.

In 2021 at Laura’s Home

women & children took refuge with us
hot, filling meals were served
women and families found housing


When a single woman or a mom with kids arrives at Laura’s Home, we take intentional time to let them know they’re safe, and introduce them to what it means to participate in a personalized program at Laura’s Home. Our dedicated staff takes an individualized approach with every woman who comes to our crisis center. A caseworker will complete an assessment with every individual, and based on the needs of that individual will recommend the best track to help them meet their goals. Tracks can last anywhere from a short-term emergency stay to an entire year of completing classes and finding adequate housing and income. Our goal is to identify each person’s unique needs, and assist them with the best care and resources available. Aside from providing for all basic needs, our staff begins to engage women through a personal caseworker, introductory crisis support groups, and linking the women with any collaborative services that are needed. Children are immediately supported through Pathways, in-house childcare, tutoring, and fun activities.

Healing Hearts

Women committed to participating in a program track create their individualized plans with their caseworker. On-site, loving childcare is provided by staff so the mothers can fully embrace the opportunities provided at Laura’s Home. Our staff works closely with each woman to help her set a path to achieve adequate income and sustainable housing. Part of this stage might also include basic education in our Resource Center, vocational training, group therapy and classes to heal from trauma and mental health issues, an on-site Intensive Outpatient Program, and connection to a local church, support groups, and chapel services.

Empowering Home

Once a woman has completed her individualized program, we celebrate! For some, their stay at Laura’s Home will be brief after completing their track, but for others, this time can be extended based on their ongoing needs and their unique barriers to housing and income. The City Mission is unique in Cleveland, as we allow families and individuals to take the time they need to achieve their most sustainable option. Women who choose to stay for a longer period of time are often focused on saving money, finding work with adequate wages, or locating housing in an area where their children can thrive.  When women walk across the stage at graduation, they do so knowing that whatever happens next, they’re prepared to navigate their circumstances with skill and grace.

A New Way Home: Our New Horizons Program

In Ohio, a single mother working a minimum wage job — the work most of our guests are eligible for — must work 100 hours each week to afford a basic two-bedroom apartment.  The City Mission wants to address this critical need for affordable housing, so we’ve created the New Horizons Program.  Through this program, we work with external organizations to empower women with children to become homeowners and break the cycle of poverty. If you, your church, or organization is interested in sponsoring or volunteering at a New Horizons home, please visit the New Horizons page for more information and email our Director of Programs, Michael Hahn.

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Finding Help

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