There is no better way to lead than by example.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our leadership team. Our trustees and staff are men and women that come from different backgrounds, but share a sense of purpose and a belief in our mission and core values. Each “walks the talk,” applying the same principles our clients are learning in their programs to their daily personal and work lives so that clients are encouraged to do likewise.


At the City Mission, our leaders will have a missionary calling, express diversity, serve God and people as a team, and maintain the highest level of personal integrity. All staff and leadership must know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and regard cultivating their personal relationship with Him as the highest priority and calling.

Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Richard Trickel

Phone 216-431-3510 : rtrickel@thecitymission.org

Chief Operating Officer 

Linda Uveges

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 247 : luveges@thecitymission.org

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Charvat

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 270
 : mcharvat@thecitymission.org

Chief Development Officer 

Michael Parry

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 269
 : mparry@thecitymission.org

Client Wellness Officer

Pete Bliss

Phone 216-431-3510 : pbliss@thecitymission.org

Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center Program Manager

Denise Eaddy

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 302 : deaddy@thecitymission.org

Inmate Outreach Services Program Manager

Brent Richards

Phone 216-431-3510 ext.245 : brichards@thecitymission.org

Youth Program Supervisor

Alyene Powell

Phone 216-472-5500 ext. 314 : apowell@thecitymission.org

Volunteer & Intern Services Supervisor

Jaime Buxton

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 235 : jbuxton@thecitymission.org

Marketing & Communications Director

Joshua Foote

Phone 216-431-3510 ext. 290 : jfoote@thecitymission.org



The City Mission owes a debt of gratitude to the men and women who serve on our Board of Trustees. Their gifts of time and talent allow us to impact the community with force.



Mark F. Alder 

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Vice President:

Joseph A. Campanella



Emmett Robinson

Jones Day


Theodore A. Wagner

Libman, Goldstine, Kopperman & Wolf, Inc.


Kate Bang


Bill Beattie 

Bardons & Oliver, Inc.

Phillip “Chip” Bell


Brian Boucher

Hyland Software

Brian F. Broadbent

Business Volunteers Unlimited

Sandy Chochola


Quo Vadis Iva Cobb

General Counsel, Rockwell Automation

Christine Elliott, Ph.D.

Renew Psychological Services

Geoff Himes

Metro Health

Jason Jerry, M.D.

Cleveland Clinic

Deforia Lane, Ph.D.

University Hospitals of Cleveland

David S. Mansfield


Karen Nelson


Robert H. Rowland

Evergreen Resources LLC

Robin Thomas

Taleris Credit Union

Keith Vanderburg

Wegman, Hessler, and Vanderburg

Wayne K. Walker

Beckett Gas, Inc.

John Zaller
CFA, MAI Capital Management, LLC

Emeritus Members

Walter L. Baker

Rev. Harry Banfield – Director Emeritus

William P. Barrett, Jr

Turan Strange