Lakeesha and her newborn son moved into Laura’s Home, our women’s crisis center, last winter. They were facing eviction, and Lakeesha was trying to escape the drugs and alcohol that had become prevalent in her home.

Slowly, her heart began to heal, and she met the One she’d been waiting for all along.

"I’m proud to say I have a relationship with God now," Lakeesha smiles. "These classes are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s like God was just waiting on me. I’m at peace, and it feels so good to be where I am now."

Lakeesha is still going through the classes and counseling at Laura’s Home. She’s dealing with the abandonment and trust issues that came from growing up with parents suffering from addiction, and she’s preparing for an independent, joyful future.

"My way of thinking is completely different now because the old me is gone. Laura’s Home is like God’s grace."

Here, women and their children have a chance to heal from the circumstances that led them to us - abuse, addiction, homelessness, poverty... the list goes on, but no matter the reason, a second chance is waiting.

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