Running Out of Pride & Money

Kari had lost her faith long before she lost her home. Her landlord sold their house out from under them with little warning, and she used her savings on hotels while looking for another place to rent. No one would take her family of five. When her money ran out and she and her children had nowhere to go, they moved into an abandoned home. That’s when Kari prayed for the first time in 12 years: “I kind of think You’re there, Lord. Can You please help us?”

Answered Prayers

Laura’s Home was the answer to Kari’s prayer. After a lifetime of feeling used by family members, she says of the staff at Laura’s Home, “These people care about me. They have compassion.”

Knowing that she and her children were safe, Kari was finally able to focus on the issues that had held her back, including her distance from God. “In my own self-pity, I didn’t realize that God had always been there for me.”

Since coming to Laura’s Home, Kari has attended church regularly and shares her faith with her children. “God is real. Now that I know that, it’s so much easier to tell them, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ They love church. They haven’t been this happy in months!”

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Building a Firm Foundation

Looking ahead, Kari is weighing a number of options and allowing the Lord to lead her forward. “I don’t want to leave until God tells me to, because He knows best. I can’t get Exodus 14:14 out of my head, because it says to be still and He will fight for you.”

In the meantime, Kari is building her self-esteem and learning to see herself as God sees her. ”I didn’t know who I was before I came to Laura’s Home,” she relates. “Now I know I was meant to help others. I know I’m going to be a better person at the end of this. I’m going to be stronger… and without Laura’s Home, I wouldn’t be.”

“Before The City Mission, I was empty. Because of The City Mission, I’m complete.”


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