Restoring lives begins with stability

“Home” looks different for everyone, and while for some that means a house and a yard, for others, “home” is simply a place where they find peace. Jacob has been searching for home for quite a while. Though he has family in the area, he’s had trouble finding a permanent place to stay.

When he mentioned to his grandmother that he’d been struggling with anger and suicidal thoughts, she encouraged him to reach out to the Mission.

“They got me in like that!” he says, snapping his fingers. “It was such a blessing, and from day one, I’ve been working here. It helps me cope with my stress and anger.”

He’s also found that working with his hands helps him quiet his mind and deal with his emotions in a Biblical way.

“The City Mission makes sure everything really ties in with the Bible,” Jacob shares. “With the anger issues that I had, I don’t think I would have lasted long if I didn’t stay here.

Finding Purpose

“Before I came here, I was reckless. I would ask God, ‘Why am I still alive? Why are you blessing me?’ I never felt like I deserved it, but now I know that’s just God.

“Because of the Mission, I’m content. I know I made the right choice!”

That choice allowed Jacob to find a home that fits his energetic style. After graduating from the Crossroads program in late 2017, Jacob began training at a highly regarded culinary arts institute. Through this new program, Jacob will have access to training, permanent housing, basic medical care, and employment after graduation: tools to build the “home” he has been searching for.

No matter what “home” looks like, we want to help our guests find the stability they need to lead self-sufficient lives.

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