A Bridge of Hope to Inmates and their Families During and After Incarceration

For the current and formerly incarcerated, restoration to a normal, healthy life can seem like an impossible endeavor. Through our unique Inmate Outreach Services program, inmates and their families find the support they need to pursue their best future. Learn about the meaningful hope we share with inmates and their families below.

Read Brad's Story of Transformation through IOS

How We Help

  • Possible post-release placement into our Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center or Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center
  • Interaction with staff and probation officers
  • Assistance with basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and safety
  • Development of life and work skills so that individuals are less likely to reoffend
  • Build a network of friends who will provide positive influence and support, as well as restoring healthy family relationships
  • Recommendations and research assistance in finding employment and housing

Do You Have a Heart to Reach Out to the Lost?

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