Home is the ultimate hope for every person who seeks refuge at The City Mission. Home is the feeling of security, stability, and comfort. The idea that one belongs and contributes.

Nearly everyone in Regina’s life let her down. Her parents were abusive and addicted to drugs, and her sons’ father abandoned her.

Regina worked hard to care for her sons, crisscrossing the country in search of a better opportunity. But ultimately, she returned home, disappointed in herself.

“I had so much I needed to deal with,” she says. “I went to college. My resume is awesome and I have a great work history, but none of that matters if your inside isn’t right.”

With nowhere else to turn, Regina moved into Laura’s Home with her sons.

Regina threw herself into the program here, taking ownership of the pride that masked the deep hurt in her heart, and rejoicing as the Lord began to heal her. She was even able to extend forgiveness to her sons’ father and make amends with her family.

Today, Regina is busy caring for sons, and she’s no longer trying to fill the void in her heart: she’s found the One who has been with her all along.

Finally, Regina is home.


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