Thanks to a generous donation from the Anderson Foundation all #GivingTuesday gifts will be matched until we reach our $30,000 goal.  Now your gift can have twice the impact!  

Help us give childhood back to Cleveland kids experiencing crisis.  The City Mission is raising funds to help build a new, universally inclusive playground at our Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center.  
Last year, about 350 children experiencing homelessness came to Laura’s Home with their moms.  They had likely been going to bed hungry and frequently changing schools, making it difficult to have success in the classroom or with friendships.  They also were likely facing social stigma, bullying and carrying daily stresses. 
These kids have seen hard times, but they are not without hope. At Laura’s Home, our residents have a safe space and the resources they need to succeed.  We provide a full range of support services – at no cost – for children of all ages and education levels.  Helping children heal from their crisis experiences and reclaim their childhood is our priority – and that includes time to play.  The year-round activities that we offer to the children of Laura’s Home are an important piece of caring for them as they overcome their crisis experience.  
We are asking for donations to help provide a safe, universally inclusive, and fun place for kids to be kids!  Please join us in our playground fundraising effort by making a gift today!


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