Choosing a New Path

Every man's journey to Crossroads is unique, but the one thing they each hold in common is a lack of stability. They may have overextended their relationships, been overtaken by an addiction, or struggled to gain traction after losing a job. Others have experienced a series of trauma, often a result of toxic environments, poverty, broken relationships or poor choices. Whatever the case, our doors are open.

For men in crisis, Crossroads is a place to rest, refocus, and restore individuals to lifelong self-sufficiency. Our long-term program (lasting 6+ months) offers a variety of classes, casework, and counseling designed to prepare men for the positive life they were made to live.

In 2018 at Crossroads

men supported in recovery from crisis
hot, filling meals were served
men gained self-sustaining employment

Phase 1: Help

The introduction stage is devoted to providing men with immediate resources such as food, clothing, shelter and safety, as well as introducing them to Crossroads' services. Our campus has capacity for 110 men to participate in our long-term program, and a small number of beds for emergency and short-term shelter. In phase 1 our staff begin to engage the men through introductory crisis support groups; men who commit to our long-term program are assigned a caseworker with an individualized crisis-recovery plan.

Phase 2: Heart 

In phase 2, the Crossroads staff works closely with each man to address the issues which brought him to our doors. Men work through mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns in classes and therapy groups including Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Anger Management, and Open Door to combat histories of trauma and mental health challenges. Additionally, our Resource Center equips men with computer literacy, certifications, and continued education to empower men to attain competitive employment. The Resource Center and caseworkers also assists in developing practical plans to obtain community resources and future housing. Finally, in phase 2 men are encouraged to engage spiritually and build community through local church involvement, support groups, Bible classes and chapel services.

Phase 3: Home

In the final phase, men dedicate their time to securing their future. They pursue competitive employment, continue their education and attain sustainable, independent housing. While some men may find these opportunities right away, others continue the search for months past graduation to ensure they will thrive. To help with this transition, we don't ask men to move out the day after graduation, and even offer transitional housing through our Banfield apartments to those who qualify. Along the way on to the new life God has prepared for these men, we laugh, we cry, and we make sure to celebrate the big and small victories together. Home looks different for everyone, and we believe each man should have the opportunity to discover what a healthy community looks like for his unique circumstance.

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