Counseling Internship and Clinical Residency

Looking for a Counseling Internship or Clinical Residency?

Now accepting intern, practicum, and residency applications for semesters beginning January 2018 and after!

The City Mission offers counselors and counselors-in-training a unique opportunity to integrate spirituality with psychology by serving clients experiencing homelessness.  Our clients come from various walks of life – some are considered chronically homelessness, some have lost jobs after years of stable employment, some come with low to moderate educational backgrounds and some with college degrees.  Additionally, The City Mission offers services to those leaving prison and reintegrating into society.

It is the intent of the counseling department to train up therapists that are rooted in their own Christian beliefs, to become exceptional contributors to the counseling profession.  We offer solid supervision, an opportunity to provide individual, family and group therapy, and participation in ongoing program development that will meet the needs of our clientele, all within a positive supportive atmosphere provided by City Mission staff.

Our clients engage in programming and on-site service work hours upon entering The City Mission. For those individuals that voluntarily elect to participate in programming, the City Mission offers a residential facility that provides an opportunity for life transformation through the classes offered and the engagement in the therapeutic process.  The counseling department takes an early and active role in the lives of our clients by offering a crisis stabilization group that allows the individual time to adapt to a new environment and to “tell their stories.”   Additional psychoeducational groups follow the crisis support groups and it is at this time our clients will meet with a counselor trainee or counselor for an assessment and follow-up counseling sessions.  Many of our clients recognize the benefits of counseling and choose to stay engaged in the counseling process throughout the duration of their stay.

Counseling services are offered during regular business hours at our two easily accessible residential facilities. Counselor Trainees and Counselors can set their own days and hours within regular business schedule in order to balance their work/school and family life and obligations.

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Practicum Students

For students needing their practicum hours the City Mission offers an opportunity to for the student to begin their counseling experience by first observing groups and other therapists before taking on the task of leading groups or having a case load.  This approach caters to the novice therapist providing a time for the development of skills, learning to recognize mental and emotional disorders and to understand the setting of treatment goals.  Following the observation period, the student will begin to co-lead/lead groups, co-lead sessions with other therapists and, if remaining to complete their internship, will be assigned individual clients. Now accepting practicum applications for semesters beginning January 2018 and after!

Internship Students

It is during the internship that the beginning therapist will more fully utilize and put into practice the theories and counseling skills learned in school.  Ongoing supervision will offer the intern techniques that are applicable to the individual client and serve to advance the counseling process.  The intern will also be learning what it means to become a therapist both professionally and personally.  Doing an internship at The City Mission offers the Counselor Trainee a chance to work with men, women, adolescents, and children, to lead groups and provide family therapy.  Diagnosis and the development of treatment plans will be emphasized. Now accepting intern applications for semesters beginning January 2018 and after!

Professional Counselors/Clinical Resident

Professional Counselors that are looking to serve in a mission based facility and desire a flexible schedule will find The City Mission a challenging, but highly rewarding environment to continue to hone their counseling, diagnostic, and treatment skills while working toward independent licensure.  The ongoing learning of new techniques and there implementation into the counseling process will assure growth and development for the counselor while providing a need to a highly underserved population.  It is also a time for the clinician to determine their own areas of focus or specialization and to build the needed skills. Supervision is provided at no charge to the Clinical Resident. Now accepting residency applications for semesters beginning January 2018 and after!

**All three of these positions require that the intern or resident be a mature Christian. A statement of faith is turned in along with other application documents.