Cleveland is Experiencing a Comeback

Like the city of Cleveland the men, women and children we serve have suffered from hard times and their recover is complicated by a host of issues. We invite you to join us in a discussion, exploring the reality they face and how you can be part of their Comeback Stories. #ComebackCLE

Angela lost her home, her family and her freedom because of her addiction.  Many, like Angela, call us while struggling to recover from addiction on their own, having burned bridges to family and friends along the way.  The caring support we offer is just as necessary to them as food and shelter.  In fact, meeting physical needs without that compassion doesn't go far toward changing lives.  That's why our mission is "Providing help and hope to all people through the transforming power of God's love."  That's the foundation of all our Comeback Stories.  #ComebackCLE

Cleveland winter is cause to complain for many, but for Walter it had become a struggle to survive.  His comeback story began when he was found huddled under a bus at The City Mission.  He was offered a hot meal, safe shelter, and life-changing support.  Today, Walter's life has been transformed, but others are struggling to survive, hoping for their own Comeback Stories.  Click here to learn more about how you can help.  #ComebackCLE

The onset of a physical handicap seprated Preston from his job, his home and ultimately how he saw himself and his world.  The indivualised attention and care we were able to offer allowed him to find a new perspective on his life and at the same time helped him aquire new skills.  Preston's experience represents a number of men and women we meet who's lives have been darkened by crisis by a significant injury or illness.  The services we offer provide a safe and stable place to adapt to these significant changes, to not just place them in a new home, but ensure they are ready to succeed there. #ComebackCLE

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