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10 Ways to be the Best Volunteer

Summer days are almost here, and many of us our considering how we can use the warmer weather and extra daylight to give back to our community through volunteering. Volunteering with a new organization for the first time, or volunteering for the first time ever can be overwhelming for many people! At The City Mission, […]

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Caseworkers: Celebrating the Voices for the Voiceless

And National Professional Social Work Month! March is National Professional Social Work month, and caseworkers across the city deserve to be celebrated all 31 days. At The City Mission, we recognize that our caseworkers are vital to the success of the people we serve. Equipping men, women and children who experience crisis and homelessness with […]

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Renee’s Story

Lost Independence Renee has lived her entire life with Asperger syndrome, a diagnosis that was unknown to her until recently. While she’s always taken care of herself and held a job, her independence became impossible about a year ago. Renee lost her job  – and consequently her apartment – after taking a few dollars from […]

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