Lost Independence

Renee has lived her entire life with Asperger syndrome, a diagnosis that was unknown to her until recently. While she’s always taken care of herself and held a job, her independence became impossible about a year ago. Renee lost her job  – and consequently her apartment – after taking a few dollars from the change drawer at work so that she could afford the bus ticket to make it back to her employer’s the next day.

“It’s just tough when you lose your job. Places, they don’t want to hire me. They look at me differently.”

She’s been waiting several months for her disability SSI hearing in court, which will eventually provide her with needed income and housing, but in the meantime she’s seeking help in attempts to recover her self-sufficient lifestyle. That’s why she came to Laura’s Home.

Through the classes, Renee has learned to let the past go. “The Lord forgave me, and I’ve forgiven myself.”

Renee is looking forward to the future and hopefully returning to work with the help of our caseworkers, but is grateful for the way that Laura’s Home has taken care of her in the waiting.

Found Community

“The food is good. I’m not out on the street. I came here so that I could get myself back together and get my own place again.”

Before Laura’s Home, I was on my own. But Laura’s Home is a good place for you to get back on your feet. It’s a safe spot.

Thank you, our faithful supporters, for giving women like Renee a second chance at independence. Our guests and staff so value your partnership, and we’re excited to share so many more stories of change such as this with you!

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