Sep 30 The Impossible Choice – Violence or Homelessness

What Would You Choose? If you were stuck in a manipulating, violent, and dangerous situation, you would immediately leave, right? Not necessarily; unfortunately, due to the nature of intimate partner violence (historically referred to as domestic violence) those being abused

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Jul 03 Cries for Help

Why Higher Temps Lead to Higher Chance of Eviction “Hello i am a single mom with 4 kids living from house to house and out my car HELP PLEASE i have a full time job and still cant afford to

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May 18 10 Ways to Be the Best Volunteer

Summer days are almost here, and many of us our considering how we can use the warmer weather and extra daylight to give back to our community through volunteering. Volunteering with a new organization for the first time, or volunteering

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May 09 Graduating with Service

When Maddie’s family asked her what she wanted to do for her high school graduation party, she found she wasn’t ready to give the typical answer. The Independence High School Senior had been attending the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Teaching

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Mar 13 Renee’s Story

Lost Independence Renee has lived her entire life with Asperger syndrome, a diagnosis that was unknown to her until recently. While she’s always taken care of herself and held a job, her independence became impossible about a year ago. Renee

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Mar 08 March 2018 Newsletter: Jake’s Story

“Before The City Mission, I was reckless. Because of The City Mission, I’m content.” Read Jake’s Story and the latest Mission News in the March 2018 edition of His Hands.

Mar 07 Aging Into Homelessness: A Growing Crisis

Homelessness Has a Name: Learn How Alex’s Life Spiraled After Job Layoff When you think of the “homeless,” what face comes to mind? A young addict in an alleyway? A middle-aged alcoholic asking for money at your exit? What about

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