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The Point

John the Baptist was noted by Jesus as the greatest of prophets (Luke 7:28). And what was John’s ministry?  Just to point to the Savior, to the Lamb of God who takes away sin so men and women can walk with

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A Donation to Celebrate

For many people, birthdays are a special occasion. They are a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends. For the women at Laura’s Home, though, it can sometimes be difficult to provide everything needed for a birthday

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Colder Than You Think

When the kind of weather we’re hearing about this week comes, a new compassion for those without shelter often comes with it.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself saying a prayer for the homeless and giving what you can without knowing their

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A New Class of Chronically Homeless

September 16th published the article “Housing first opens newest apartments in work to end homelessness”. Certainly this is cause for celebration—the new building with its 65 subsidized studio apartments will be a godsend to some chronically homeless individuals. Furthermore,

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