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Emily: Showing Christ’s Love

Hear from intern, Emily Sigmon, as she witnesses client transformation first-hand during  a Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center program. Laura’s Home interns get to see what it’s like to work each day with women and children in crisis, build relationships

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From Crisis to the Kitchen

About a month ago we highlighted upgrades and programs new to the Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center at The City Mission thanks to incredible community support; one of these changes was the addition of Crossroads Culinary Kitchen, a culinary arts training

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Losing with a Mission

Below is a guest blog written by Jill, a returning participant to The City Mission’s Running with a Mission 5k ran at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on June 22, 2013.  The run was presented by the Sherwin Williams Women’s Club.

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Running With Renewal

In my life I have run nearly 400 races, but today’s was different.  I stepped up to the starting line, sun becoming hot in the early morning, temperatures and anxiety rising.  The crowd was chatting excitably and lunging out their

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Being Safe

As Christmas day approaches, talk often turns to gratitude and the things in our lives for which we are thankful. Typically, the responses center around being grateful for family, health, jobs but how many of us are thankful for something

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