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  • Special Report: The Women & Children’s Housing Crisis - Many of you have likely seen our Special Report on the Women & Children Housing Crisis. We’ve received requests to post the e-version on our site. Please share with any and all who might be interested in learning about or joining in the fight for solutions. If you’re interested in joining the Task Force that […]
  • Summer is Not a Break for Low-Income Families -   Would you be surprised to learn that the Cleveland Metropolitan School District found that 4,048 of their students were homeless in the 2014-2015 academic year? Would you be even more surprised to know that those 4,000 students represent a full 10% of the CMSD’s enrollment? Many of these children and teenagers spend their nights […]
  • A Mission Worth Running For - 2017’s Running With a Mission marked the sixth year of official partnership between The City Mission and the Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club (SWWC). The Mission took some time to talk with the head and co-chair of the Run Planning Committee, Chrissy and Tara, to learn more about why the Sherwin-Williams Women’s Club works so hard to […]
  • The Women & Children Housing Crisis Forum Recap - There’s a common misconception that homelessness is an issue that only affects single men and women, but in reality, 41% of the homeless population is comprised of families – the vast majority of which are headed by single mothers. This shift in the demographics of the homeless population is disturbing, because it sets multiple generations […]
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck - Our Child Care and Pathways programs provide the love and security that kids and young women at Laura’s Home need to thrive. But for teen boys who came to Laura’s Home with their mothers, finding connection and building relationships can be difficult. One of our regular volunteers, Chuck is finding ways to bridge that gap through hands on, physical projects […]

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