Brought to Light

Our annual report is more than facts and figures – it’s a testimony to the work God is doing through you in the city of Cleveland. So many of our hurting neighbors are living in the shadows. Some are “hiding in plain sight” on the streets of Cleveland where it’s so easy to pass right by them. Others are walking and working among us and we have no idea what kind of pain or struggles they’re going through. But there are also those who have overcome great struggles and have amazing and inspiring stories of transformation to tell—they just need a platform from which to shine.

This Annual Report will shine a light on a few of the many people you’ve blessed with your generosity in the past year. You’ll also see how your gifts have been used to provide care and compassion to literally hundreds of men, women, and children in our community.

We're proud to have been accredited by the ECFA in 2019. View any of our audited financial statements below to learn why.

We thank you for your compassion in 2018, and invite you to learn more about the impact of your donations over the past year. Along the way, you can read Donald's story of empowering Help, Kari's story of transformed Heart, and Starkela's story of seeing Home on the horizon, and Clementine's story of serving with compassion. These four individuals and their families are looking forward to a stable, joyful  2019, because of God's work and your generous support.

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