Vocational Training

One of the most critical goals for the men and women we serve is to find employment and become self-sufficient.  It is our desire to not just see our clients successfully enter the workforce, but to help them find a life-long career. With the wide range of job history and education levels of those we serve, this goal requires a very adaptable approach, personalized to each individual.  This includes a combination of job readiness and vocational training opportunities.

On-Site Service:  All men and women who are with us long-term participate in on-site work assignments.  In addition to caring for the facilties and serving as part of community, this starts each client with about three months of practical work experience in one of serveral common entry level positions (warehouse recieveing, house keeping, food service, laundry, etc.).

Job Search Assistance:  Built into our case management process is a focus on discovering how the gifts and passions of our clients meet for the best vocational opportunity.  We provide soft-skills training, resume deveopment tools, mock-interview experience and more to help men of Crossroads and women at Laura's Home make the most of every hiring opportunity 

If you would like to learn more about support the vocational development of our clients as a volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page or send and email to getinvolved@thecitymission.org

To learn how your business or organization can partner with our vocational training efforts, please contact Curtis Carnes at ccarnes@thecitymission.org.