United Way/CFC

United Way

The City Mission is not a United Way affiliated agency but you can choose to designate your pledge to your choice of charities.  

How to complete the United Way Pledge Card:

On the United Way form, go to the section labeled "4: Optional Section".  In this section, under "Other Northeast Ohio Health and Human Service Organizations," enter the charity's name, the city they are located in and the amount you would like to designate to them. 


Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign of United Way gives federal employees the option to participate in payroll deductions to give to the charities they would like to support.

The City Mission is listed as an approved agency for the Northcoast Ohio region with an assigned code of 63142.


Payroll Deductions Unavailable with Your Employer? Consider becoming a Hope Partner

If you would like to give regularly, please consider becoming a Hope Partner.

You will be able to select an amount, frequency, and payment method that is most convenient for your and make changes at any time.