We hear so many great comments from people whose lives have been touched by the work of The City Mission or who have observed what we do. We wanted to share a few of them with you here.



"I thank God for the City Mission. I thank God for you and the staff for keeping the doors open for us [for] Wednesday Worship Services and Friday Bible Study. [Name of a staff member] has been a blessing to us. She is always there for us ... she has a love for all people."

Rick Chiricosta, President and CEO, Medical Mutual of Ohio

“For the past 100 years, The City Mission has been a beacon of hope for the hurting, hungry and homeless in Cleveland. Their continual service toward the well-being of others makes our community a healthier place.”

Fred Koury, President and CEO, SmartBusiness

“The City Mission has been providing a vital service in the city of Cleveland for nearly 100 years. I applaud their excellent work towards transforming lives and offering a real hand up to so many men, women and children in need. Our community is a better place because of what they do.”

Sam Miller, Co-Chairman, Forest City Enterprises

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted to the poor, the homeless, the sick, the hungry – are always alone and therefore when we help these individuals we are doing something godly.”

John Beckett, Chairman, The Beckett Companies

“As donors, we're obligated to be good stewards. That's why we love The City Mission. For over 99 years they have proven to be trustworthy, efficient, effective and wonderful examples of Christian compassion.”

Bruce G. Higley, Chairman, The Albert M. Higley Co.

“We have been proud to support The City Mission and the critical work that they do in our community. Through their care and support thousands of lives or positively impacted and Cleveland is a stronger community as a whole.”

David Pugh, CEO, Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc.

“The staff at The City Mission provides a means of reaching the needy of our city in a manner most of us can't. With warmth they touch those who are seeking food, clothing, shelter and, most of all, fellowship. They plant the seed of God's word to provide a source of healing from the inside out. What little role we are able to play by providing resources for them to do what they do best is still a gratifying privilege in God's great plan.”

Brian Broadbent , President and CEO Business Volunteers Unlimited and The City Mission’s current board president.

“The City Mission is an exemplary agency. The results speak for themselves. People get on their feet to live independently and contribute to the community. That is why I chose to serve on the City Mission’s board.”

Robbie Anderson, Staff Vice President CLE Hub, Continental Airlines, Inc.

“Cleveland is truly blessed to have The City Mission. The caring people who work there have changed so many lives, one person at a time, by following Christ’s example of meeting people where they are. By attending to the most basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and a sense of belonging, the love of Christ is lived out every day.”

James A. Haviland, Executive Director, MidTown Cleveland, Inc.

“MidTown Cleveland, Inc. values the work of The City Mission and the strong partnership in affecting change in the community our organizations have developed over the years. Many Clevelanders in need have had their lives changed through the work of The City Mission. Many more will be touched by the quiet and steady influence of The City Mission in the future.”

Saji T. Daniel, President and CEO, Tradex, Inc.

“To witness, year after year, people empowered by love and support of The City Mission’s life-changing work, is simply remarkable. We are truly blessed to have such an exemplary organization a part of Cleveland.”

Fred Ramsey, former director of Cleveland Trust Company, president of Cleveland Foundry Co. and The City Mission’s first board president (quoted in 1935)

“For twenty-five years The City Mission has commanded the confidence of the city of Cleveland to its conduct of an ever-enlarging and restful service to the community…”

Gary Chmielewski, President, Northern Ohio Printing

"The City Mission has been the most consistent ministry in helping people in the city of Cleveland for 100 years. Their compassion for helping restore people and impacting lives has given this region a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11) It has been an honor to partner with their organization."

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