Stories of Hope

Funding Partners are Providing Practical Life Change

By Deborah Phillips Grant Manager   One of the joys of fundraising at The City Mission is in developing partnerships with foundations, corporations and other community charities that contribute grants to meet special needs.  Sometimes those grants help provide direct services like mental health counseling or case management.    But when the roof is leaking or the dishwasher needs frequent repair, we are particularly grateful for those funding partners...
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Biking Back to Work

  Our Commuters' Bike Shop has given away over 200 bikes that started as used donated bikes, many unrideable, and ended as affordable and reliable transportation for men and women in need.  It's one of the programs that often surprise people as they get to know The City Mission better, but it's just one of the many services that is impossible without the support of the greater Cleveland community.   If you have a gently used bike...
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Mental Health Awareness

The thoughts of small children playing at the beach may come to mind when you hear the words sand and toys; but the combination of the two is bringing more than smiles to children’s faces. A process using sand and toys called Sand Tray Therapy sheds a light on mental health concerns. This therapeutic process encourages clients to grab toys that represent people and situations in their lives. Based upon what figures they grab, a clear interpretation of submerged feelings can be revealed. I...
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The Importance of A Male Figure

  She is the nurturer, care giver and is there for us like no one else—to simply put it, she is mom. The one we run to when we had what feels like the worst day in our lives, the one we laugh with and sometimes cry with. But what about fathers, aren’t they just as important? Based off of jaw dropping statistics, you’d think that some do not feel as if they are. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 24 million children in America live in a home without their biological...
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Testimony Time

The City Mission is dedicated to doing the work of the Lord. With your help, we welcome those in crisis with loving arms. It’s always awesome to hear from those who have completed our programs .  Here is a glimpse into the life of Sylvia, a former Client of The City Mission. Throughout her high and low points, God was  and still is at work in her life. “My name is Sylvia, a former inmate of the Northeast Pre-Release Center. Unfortunately,...
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Run With A Mission 2015

      The dark clouds of the early morning did not deter the dedicated volunteers and participants    from lacing up their shoes to  Run with a Mission . Aside from the occasional rain drops, a record  breaking number of 1,100 came out to support the efforts to raise funds for Laura’s Home by  taking part in a 5k run or 1.5k walk. Even children had a chance to show off their athleticism by  taking their place in the Kid’s...
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Bikes Going Further

by Joshua Foote, New Media Manager   I just finished winterizing my home, including finding a place to store my bike and still leave room to actually park my car in the garage.  This is a familiar yearly routines in Northeast Ohio.  After all, not many in Cleveland expect their bike to go far in the next five months or so.    That’s why it might surprise you that we have an immediate need for bicycles at The City Mission and we hope to collect,...
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A New Class of Chronically Homeless?

September 16th published the article “ Housing first opens newest apartments in work to end homelessness ”. Certainly this is cause for celebration—the new building with its 65 subsidized studio apartments will be a godsend to some chronically homeless individuals. Furthermore, the article goes on to say that as a result of the last 8 years of housing first in Cleveland, chronic homelessness has been reduced by 73%! Since the reality on the ground where I am...
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Colder than you think.

When the kind of weather we’re hearing about this week comes, a new compassion for those without shelter often comes with it.  Perhaps you've found yourself saying a prayer for the homeless and giving what you can without knowing their stories or seeing their faces.     In the last 4 years I’ve had the privilege to know the stories and see the faces of many men and women who have come to The City Mission for help.  I've learned the reality is much...
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Volunteering at Laura's Home

Earlier in July, members from Renew Communities came to Laura’s Home to help with the landscaping on the property, and this is not the first time members from this church have come to help out at Laura’s Home. We asked Curtis Carnes, Pastor of Missional Discipleship at Renew Communities, to write a blog post about their experiences with volunteering at Laura’s Home, and this is what he wrote. One thing that our church has learned from Laura's Home is that...
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A Donation to Celebrate

For many people, birthdays are a special occasion. They are a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends. For the women at Laura’s Home, though, it can sometimes be difficult to provide everything needed for a birthday party for their children. To help with this problem Andrew Kost, a local high school student, decided to collect supplies for Laura’s Home. With his project he was able to collect a large number of cake and party supplies for the children. ...
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Volunteering With a Mission

This year over 1,000 people participated in Running With a Mission, an event sponsored by Sherwin-Williams to help the women and children at Laura’s Home. It was thanks to all of the volunteers that the event went as well as it did. The volunteers helped with so many things, from directing people where to go, to handing out water, to helping with the activities at the pavilion. But there were also volunteers who most people might not think about or might not realize how helpful...
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Giving Back Through Cooking

Chef Eric Rogers is the founder of Nevaeh Cuisine & Catering located in South Euclid, OH.  He has combined his love of cooking and his desire to give back to the community through his restaurant. We interviewed Eric to find out how he is connected with the city of Cleveland and The City Mission, as well as how his company is helping The City Mission.  What connects you to Cleveland and it’s people?   I am very much connected to Cleveland,...
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10 Things I Learned in Prison

We asked Sarah, an Inmate Outreach Services intern last summer, to share some of the many things she learned during her prison visits and this is what she sent back to us. 1.  Many prisoners just need someone to listen.  During a prison ministry weekend event, four interns from The City Mission got the opportunity to talk with different inmates. One intern kept a conversation going with one woman for over an hour! This inmate really needed to share her thoughts,...
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The Point

John the Baptist was noted by Jesus as the greatest of prophets ( Luke 7:28 ). And what was John's ministry?  Just to point to the Savior, to the Lamb of God who takes away sin so men and women can walk with a clean conscience before and with Him. John pointed to Jesus who said that even the least in the Kingdom could do greater than John continuing to point to the Savior as John pointed. And so Inmate Outreach Services points.   Inmate Outreach...
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Thank You for 11 Years of Laura's Home

For the last 11 years Laura’s Home has provided help and hope for thousands of women and children in crisis!  This week we will celebrate Laura’s Home's 11 th  Anniversary on Valentine’s Day!     What a privilege to see how God has provided for us for over a decade.  I’ve been reflecting on God’s provision as our anniversary approaches.  Philippians 1:3 says “ Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God....
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Kate: Hope Warms the Heart

   Kate and many men and women like her are still living on the streets, facing bitter cold, abuse, and lose of hope.  These are the men and women we open our doors to every day and with your help offer them hot meals and a safe place to rest, but also offering them hope for a transformed future.     Help bring them in from the cold  
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Help, Hope and Human Trafficking

Would you believe me if I told you that there are more people in slavery today than ever before in our history?      You might respond that it's impossible; slavery has been outlawed hundreds of years ago.  Unfortunately, modern day slavery is alive and well. I’m talking about those who are slaves in the Human Trafficking and Sex Trade all over the world including northern Ohio.  January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and I’d like to...
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Making a Resolution Count

If you’re anything like me, when January 1 rolls around I’m full of great intentions and lofty(ish) goals. I’ll spend less time on Facebook, eat less chocolate, lose 5 pounds, save more money, spend more hours at the gym – the list goes on and on. The reality is I can count the number of my fulfilled New Year’s Resolutions on one hand. More like, one finger. I once read that only under 10% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. Well,...
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Being Safe

As Christmas day approaches, talk often turns to gratitude and the things in our lives for which we are thankful. Typically, the responses center around being grateful for family, health, jobs but how many of us are thankful for something like safety?   For most people, being physically safe is taken for granted, something we never even consider, almost like a fundamental right in our modern society. However, for one of my friends on The City Mission's "pre-dawn work crew" safety is...
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Weekend of Champions

Never in my life did I imagine I would be line dancing to the Cupid Shuffle in a prison courtyard surrounded by barbed wire and 590 inmates.   But this unreal situation is where I found myself one weekend last month.  Thankfully this was a voluntary trip with the Bill Glass Weekend of Champions , a prison ministry that has been active for over 50 years.  Women from all over the country, including three other interns from The City Mission, had signed up to share the...
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Running with Renewal

In my life I have run nearly 400 races, but today’s was different.  I stepped up to the starting line, sun becoming hot in the early morning, temperatures and anxiety rising.  The crowd was chatting excitably and lunging out their pre-race jitters.  I positioned myself a few rows back from the front, surrounded by some of what were sure to be some of the fastest finishers that day.  Animals, all of them.  By animals I mean the lions, tigers and bears we were...
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Losing with a Mission

Below is a guest blog written by Jill, a returning participant to The City Mission's Running with a Mission 5k ran at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on June 22, 2013.  The run was presented by the Sherwin Williams Women's Club.  We hope you enjoy her perspective on the race, and are encouraged by her journey since last year's event.  Jill hosts her own blog at .  I am a loser.   I don’t...
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From Crisis to the Kitchen

About a month ago we highlighted upgrades and programs new to the Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center at The City Mission thanks to incredible community support; one of these changes was the addition of Crossroads Culinary Kitchen , a culinary arts training program.  Recently, women from Laura’s Home began to participate in the program alongside the men.  The first two women to come through training are Flo and Georgia.  Despite their different personalities and...
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Emily- Showing Christ's Love!

  Hear from intern, Emily Sigmon, as she witnesses client transformation first-hand during  a Laura's Home Women's Crisis Center program. Laura's Home interns get to see what it's like to work each day with women and children in crisis, build relationships and grow spitirutally.   The internship position has not only dedicated Emily to transformation, but also enabled her to use her special talents and gifts with the women and children at Laura's Home. Emily...
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New Programs Rolled Out at Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center

We started implementing some new and exciting things here at the Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center at The City Mission that we’d love to share with you! We have been rolling out some new program upgrades as part of our short- and long-term programs.   Men will be able to choose from our services at a much earlier stage in their stay with us. We’re eager to be able to start the stabilization process sooner by arranging for our mental health professional and our intake...
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Brittany- Words of Hope

  "The City Mission in general focuses so much on hope, and bringing hope to the people around us, and I know for me it even served as hope for myself when you're in a desperate situation." -Brittany Kimlingen, Pathways Intern.   The Pathways Family Outreach Services is an exciting place for youth, young adults and families, where they are encouraged to live lives full of faith, productivity and excellence. Brittany, an intern at Pathways, discovers first-hand what...
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Become a Young Leader

Do you have passion and enthusiasm for serving those in need? If so, we have big plans for you! Become an intern at The City Mission and learn how to serve and minister to men, women, and children in crisis.   Many of our interns have helped out at Laura’s Home, a crisis center for women and children. The kids, especially, at The City Mission need encouragement to understand their value. Your positive influence will help motivate them to reach their full potential.   ...
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Stories from the Men at Crossroads Men's Crisis Center

  “Homelessness or being in a crisis shelter is really no respecter of education or social background. Given the right conditions, anyone could be homeless and in a crisis.” – George Mason, Learning Center Supervisor   The Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center at The City Mission provides a place for men who are experiencing trauma, whether from natural disaster, toxic environments, or poor choices, to seek support and recovery. These are just a...
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Jasmine - On the path to success

Jasmine is just one of the remarkable students we meet daily at Pathways Family Outreach, where we are preparing them to do remarkable things.  Summer programs, like the one that inspired Jasmine, provide unique opportunities to strengthen and encourage students of all ages.  Your continued support is transforming the future of boys and girls.  Please click the orange " Donate " button to give today.
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Pathways - Their Dreams in His Hands

The staff and volunteers of Pathways Family Outreach Services are working every day to teach, inspire, and strengthen children, young adults, and families in Cleveland.  Encouraging them to not let their past or their surroundings write their story, but to "put their dreams in His hands."  
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LaShanda - Finding Relief

    LaShanda is one of literally hundreds of women who's lives have been transformed at  Laura's Home .  It's a special blessing to have her come back every Christmas to volunteer and spend time with women who like her, need a place of relief amidst the life in chaos.  She is able to share her story with women who can relate to it all too well, and who are looking for the same hope that she found.
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A RENOVATION BLESSING: much more than a face-lift

by Taylor Nagy, Social Media Intern     God is at work every day at the Mission and His blessings never cease to amaze us. Once in a while, God works in a truly amazing way and brings special people into partnership with the Mission whose diligence and charitable service is especially remarkable. Recently, Crossroads Crisis Center received a blessing which benefited our men’s program and showed special care for our community: the careful completion of the...
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Good News Will Stay

by Joshua Foote, Social Media Manager       I get paid to hear good news.  It's not all I do, but it might be the best out of many great parts of my job.  In my role managing our social media network, I'm constantly connecting with those on the front lines of changing lives.  I track the day-to-day news around both of our campuses, as best as one person can.  Sometimes it's hard just to keep up with it all.  This week is a great example. ...
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Impacting Youth, Families, and the City

by Cassandra Woodard, Program Leader       The Pathways team really rejoices when we see change in the lives of the children we serve. This week at  Pathways Drop in Club we are teaching the children the Ten Commandments . Today’s commandment was “Honor your mother and father”. While the Program leader was teaching what this verse means, a young male first grader named Ronald came over to me from across the room. I asked him...
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The Next 100 Years part 2

by Pam Glicker , Laura's Home Women's Crisis Center Manager       A Door of Hope  is the history of The City Mission’s 100 years.  Beginning in the foreword by  Mayor Frank Jackson , the message of The City Mission’s focus is first noted: ‘However, while programs and services have changed over the last 100 years, one thing has not; The City Mission’s focus on helping all people by coordinating  social...
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Noelia Rodriguez - Walking Miracle

    "[God] has given me a new life and a new beginning and a new chance." Noelia is one of over 600 women who will find safety and hope in a time of crisis at Laura’s Home this year.  Your support is transforming the lives of women just like her everyday.  Thank you for your partnership in this powerful ministry.   You can give to help Laura’s Home and the other vital services of The...
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Larnelle Harris - Act of Worship

        Larnelle shares that when we start out helping a person in need, we often end up feeling the most blessed.  If you recall a time this happened to you, please share the experience with us in the comment section below.   If you’d like to provide hope for men, women, and children in crisis, you can do by clicking on the “donate” button at the top of your screen.   We invite...
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Tiffany's Story of Hope

  Talking to someone with an addiction is not rare. Most of us can admit being addicted to something and not being able to give it up on our own, even if it’s as innocent as our morning cup of coffee.  However, for some, like Tiffany, addiction leaves them devastated, desperate, and searching for hope.  In her own words, Tiffany shares how the staff of The City Mission’s Laura’s Home Women’s Crisis Center helped her find healing and hope. ...
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Scott Krippayne - Days of Hope

  Singer/songwritter Scott Krippayne has seen the work of The City Mission firsthand.  Here, he shares what he has learned from seeing both the needs of those in crisis and the effort to serve them.       We invite you to come join Scott, along with Larnelle Harris, Praise-Apella , and a choir of hundreds at a Celebration of Hope , as we worship God for 100 years of His faithfulness through the work...
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The Next 100 Years part 1

by Rev. Rich Trickel, CEO of The City Mission       For the last several years I’ve been thinking about the past – the last 100 years. I wasn’t prepared for how significant or meaningful that would be. I really shouldn’t be surprised though, I’ve known for a long time that “memorials” or remembering is a biblical idea. When the children of Israel passed over the Jordan River, God instructed them to bring 12 rocks from the...
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Hump Day

 by Joshua Foote, Social Media Manager at The City Mission       Today is Wednesday, Hump Day.  It’s usually called that because it takes us over the hump of our week.  For me, it’s Hump Day because of the Quasimodo type burden on my back.   I often carry my whole life with me when I leave the house on Wednesday, because my Wednesdays are always full.  I'm the Social Media Manager here at The City Mission in...
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Elsie Turns 100

by George Mason, Learning Center Supervisor As events go, last Sunday’s birthday celebration was perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event. A woman I’ve known for the last 25 years turned 100!   Elsie is as spry and sharp as the day we first met. She can still recount her family’s journey from Hungary to America. Seeing the Statue of Liberty from the deck of a crowded ship, followed by her memories of Ellis Island is the stuff of movies. When pressed for how...
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Self Evaluation

  By Dale Matthias, Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center Manager     One of the most meaningful tools that we use in the Long Term Program to help equip our clients is the Self-Evaluation form (Copyright @2001 Curt Floski). Our clients come to The City Mission because they have made unwise or negative choices in the past and the outcome has not pointed them in the right direction.   On the Self-Evaluation form it asks the client seven...
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There is Hope

by Bradley Stokes, Elementary/Teen Program Supervisor of The City Mission     The City Missions Pathways Teen Programs have been offering hope to many Cleveland teens for years. One way is through our scholarship program which awards students $1,000 per semester based on a few requirements. The City Mission has given aways thousands of dollars to teens helping provide hope and a positive future. The world says we’re working with a generation of teens that have no...
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  by Janet Noe, Maintenance Supervisor of the City Mission     Just like the seasons have changed since God first created the earth , we also go through seasons in our lives.  This year marks the 100 th anniversary of The City Mission and the seventh anniversary of Laura’s Home.   At Laura’s Home we see many women and children blossom into a better life, a deeper faith, and a desire to be all they can be.  There is such a...
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Commencement of Change

by Dale Matthis, Crossoads Men’s Crisis Center Manager at The City Mission. One of the key components of the Crisis Services Programs is the true inner transformation of an individual verses the outward appearance of change that so many are used to or that has been so ingrained in them. What a wonderful sight it is to see an individual transform from when they first walked thru our doors! These men and women are seeking, but seeking includes surrendering and submitting. This process...
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Spring Thaw

By Dale Matthias, Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center Manager at The City Mission   Many of us in Northeast Ohio are very glad to see the snow and winter storms say goodbye. February ranked in the top six months for snow fall on record in Cleveland.   But now, on the flip side, we are facing some of the worst chuckholes we have ever seen. Maybe you have had a personal encounter with a few. Not to mention all the grunge and debris that is exposed, left by the mounds of...
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