Pathways Family Outreach Services

Pathways at Laura's Home

The Pathways program aims to positively impact the lives of the children and youth who come through the doors of Laura’s Home, serving Kindergarteners through 12th grade students. The program offers several services aimed at encouraging and supporting the children and youth in a positive and Christ centered manner. Through our After-School Club, Teen Club, Kids Club and Family Night, our students are offered:

  • Tutoring and help with school work
  • Small group Bible studies and spiritual mentoring
  • Opportunities to express themselves through artwork
  • Recreational games
  • Both indoor & outdoor activities
  • Experience with computers and technology
  • Off campus field trips
  • Healthy & delicious snacks
  • Free time to interact with our staff, volunteers and one another
  • Interesting crafts

Pathways Partnership

We are pleased to announce a new collaborative effort with Youth for Christ of Greater Cleveland (YFC). This partnership will broaden the youth programming the two organizations have provided for years. 

Historically, we have shared common roots in the Cleveland community. In 1943, local youth group leader and City Mission affiliate Florian Manas organized the first Youth for Christ rally in downtown Cleveland. One year later, the national YFC organization was founded, and Cleveland became a charter member.  

More information about YFC can be found on their website

YFC and The City Mission are thrilled at this opportunity to deeply impact the youth in the Central Neighborhood.

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