A man studying in the resident quarters.

For men in crisis, we are a means to re-enter society as self-sufficient, productive citizens. At Crossroads, our 3-phase program offers an array of services, geared at preparing men for positive, valuable futures.

Phase 1—Introduction

Phase 1 is devoted to introducing men to the Crossroads program and live-in accommodations. It is here that staff begins to engage the men through introductory crisis support groups. Men committed to participating in the full program are assigned a case worker and individualized program plan.

Phase 2—Stabilization

Crossroads staff works closely with each man to develop feasible steps and goals for accessing resources and future housing. They are provided with clinical counseling and group therapy necessary to combat histories of trauma and mental health. Men are equipped to attain competitive employment through the on-site adult education components, vocational training programs and collaborative community internships. Men are engaged spiritually through local church involvement, support groups, Bible classes and chapel services.

Phase 3—Re-entry

Men who complete the program are prepared to transition into employment and safe, independent housing. This final phase is dedicated to job search and securing housing options. Many men are deterred from self-sufficiency due to crippling financial debt. The City Mission offers its Living Free Program to clients who wish to minimize, or entirely eliminate such debt. Men may continue to reside at Crossroads until their entire debt is repaid. 

Who We Help