Inmate Outreach Services

Bridge of hope to inmates and their families during and after incarceration

Inmates in jail or prison receive regular visits, correspondence, Bibles, reading glasses, stamped envelopes, and other practical help from staff and volunteers from The City Mission. Their families also receive emotional support and guidance as they deal with having a loved one incarcerated and during the transition period after release.

For some former inmates, the opportunity to come to Crossroads or Laura's Home after their release helps them leave their past behind, develop life and work skills, build a network of friends who will provide positive influence and support, and learn to interact properly with family. This support makes the adjustment to their new freedom easier, especially in a world that may have changed a lot during their incarceration.

If you are an inmate, ex-offender, or know someone who would like more info, call the number or use the form below.


Father Absence is Key Issue for Many

No father is perfect, however, the absence of a father, either physically or emotionally, is the single most significant predictor of developmental problems in a child’s life and has an impact on the lives of adults. The City Mission has resources available for those who want to learn more

Learn more about Father Absence



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Local Jails

  • Cuyahoga County Jail chapel services
  • Individual inmate-chaplain visitation
  • Possible alternative sentencing into our Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center or Laura's Home Women's Crisis Center
  • Interaction with staff and probation officers


Ohio Prisons

  • Monthly literature mailing to more than 1,700 inmates
  • Personal discipleship correspondence
  • Semiannual on-site group meetings with mailing list inmates
  • In-depth correspondence Bible studies
  • Family contacts and other needs
  • Possible post-release placement into our Crossroads Men’s Crisis Center or Laura's Home Women's Crisis Center


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Other Needs

Before donating any of these items to The City Mission, please email Brent Richards.

  • Soft cover or paperback Bibles - New Bibles with medium-size and large print are most needed.  Your donation of $50 helps us purchase a case of 24 Bibles.
  • Soft back Christian books and/or literature
  • Soft back or paperback pocket-sized dictionaries
  • Reading glasses
  • Pre-stamped envelopes


Speaker or Literature Request

If you would like someone from IOS to speak to your group, would like our brochures or have our display at your event, please go to our Speaker Bureau page.


Contact for information about our Inmate Outreach Services

Chaplain Brent Richards, Manager
Phone: 216-431-3510 ext. 245

You can also fill out the form below and a staff member will contact you.

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